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Backed over by 2 decades of experience with highly trained IT specialists & technicians, we provide the best global quality procurement and management of your IT needs. Being privately owned, we have an edge in sustaining long-term challenges and it is this promise, that empowers the rapid success and growth of the company.

Best Buy IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide foremost technology services with a high level of customer service, quality and value far exceeding our competition and by fostering a cooperative style work environment. Our aim is to use our knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the most out of your IT products and solutions that promote business success.

We have been featured in CIO Review Magazine
as one of the Best CISCO Solutions Provider

Our Partners


Home Solutions

Great for Small Business
  1. Authorised partners for desktops/laptops
  2. Apple/Asus/Acer/Dell/HP/Lenovo
  3. Intel original assembler
  4. Computer parts & accessories
  5. Home printer & scanners
  6. Wi-Fi Router
  7. Home Automation System

SMB Solutions

Great for Small Businesses
  1. Desktops/Laptops/Servers & Networking Systems
  2. Authorized partners for Cisco networking products
  3. D-Link & TP Link networking products
  4. Epson/HP Printers/Scanners & Printers

CCTV Solutions

Complete Security Solutions
  1. Authorised partners for Hikvision security solutions
  2. Video Survilliance experts
  3. Protecting & Maintainence of camera & security solutions for homes / office & shops


Software Solutions

All your application needs
  1. Gold certified partner for Microsoft, Adobe products
  2. Antivirus Solutions for desktops/laptops & servers.
  3. Architectural Softwares
  4. Media Softwares
  5. Designing Software Solutions

Security Solutions

Secure you business
  1. Fortinet, Checkpoint, Cisco, Cyberoam, Netgear, Firewall & Anti spam solutions
  2. Security alliance partner for McAfee
  3. Symantec security solutions
  4. Cisco Security Solutions
  5. Bluecoat, Websense secure web gateway

Services & AMC Contracts

  1. Annual maintanence contracts for home desktops, laptops, servers
  2. CCTV maintanence
  3. Call based services