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Digital Transaction Management

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Make it easier to execute your final transactions. Best Buy IT offers a range of practical solutions to ease your document management.

Simple and secure digital transactions.

Often, the final stage of a business-to-business deal is hindered by printing, faxing or scanning documents. These seemingly simple steps can slow transactions at the most critical stage of the process — the closing. Tying up transactions shouldn’t be so hard.

The right digital transaction management solution removes the hassle in business interactions that involve people, documents and data, so you can experience fast, convenient and secure processes.

Gain automation and compliance.

Gather signatures in a snap. There’s no need to track down colleagues or shuffle papers. Digital transaction management means you can swiftly gather e-signatures, in the specified order, within minutes. It’s that simple.

Plus, with built-in security and compliance features, you’re in line with legal and audit requirements. Digital audit trails make it easy to store and track documents.

Get anytime access and detailed reporting.

Business never stops, whether you're in or out of the office. A web-based digital transaction management solution gives you access to critical files from a laptop, tablet or phone. Gather signatures, track your documents and follow the process from anywhere.

Remove guessing games from the process. A sophisticated reporting dashboard provides insight into who has accessed, signed and participated in the document signature process. Following up and staying in the loop has never been easier.

How to sign a document electronically?

Signing documents electronically is fast. The process usually requires opening a PDF document, reviewing the document and clicking a button to "sign" your name. The document will automatically be saved, shared and safely stored, reducing time and paper.

Signing documents electronically is a rapidly growing practice. Rather than mailing contracts or making copies of sales agreements, companies are choosing e-signatures to save time and streamline the transaction process with other businesses.