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Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

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Reduce infrastructure costs and easily scale with cloud-based IaaS cloud computing. You can add on backup and recovery solutions for more protection.

You need to keep up. We’ll help you scale.

IT decision-makers face a constant challenge: How do you use available hardware and computing resources to tackle business needs and meet workload requirements? Faced with pressures to move faster and stay within budget, many businesses are turning to infrastructure as a service.

Best Buy IT offers scalable, flexible solutions from leading IaaS providers. Quickly respond to organizational needs by accessing cloud-backed IaaS. On-demand scalability gives you a competitive edge, cuts costs and streamlines your workflow.

Experience unsurpassed agility and scale.

Use what you need, when you need it, according to your business demands and requirements. And choose from our IaaS cloud computing models: a hosted public data center, your private data center leveraging IaaS software, or a hybrid combination of the two.

Limitless, on-demand access gives you a serious competitive edge. IaaS cloud computing allows you to ramp up quickly, roll out initiatives and test new programs in a matter of minutes, instead of weeks.

Add on backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Do you have a tool that will automate the backup of your data center to a co-location or cloud data center? Do you have a viable disaster recovery solution? The convenience of IaaS has led many organizations to use it as a backup and disaster recovery solution.

We offer solutions you can add on to your IaaS platform to gain a reliable and fast way to back up and access your sensitive data for redundancy or in case disaster strikes. Rather than risking a single point of failure, IaaS offers an instant, off-site and reliable IT environment.

We’ll extend our expertise to your team.

Best Buy IT offers more than a decade of experience helping organizations with the cloud. Our long-standing relationships with the top IaaS providers, and our full suite of services, allow us to meet you where you need us.

Provide both Security and Convenience.

Choose your user experience: single sign-on or same sign-on. Users get easy access to all the apps they rely on to do their jobs. If you want to step up your security, enable multifactor authentication. You can have multiple pieces of information required to pass sign-on authentication.

We’ll create your Azure platform.

Our experts will design and implement your Microsoft® Azure® infrastructure components, using our full range of network and connectivity services.

Enable workloads to be deployed to Azure as new or as migrated workloads, including dev and test environments or production virtual machines.

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Respond faster. Get full machine or selective file backup, with quick and easy recovery and almost no downtime.

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Schedule your full, incremental and differential backups and have them execute automatically, so you don't miss a cycle.

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Customizable options let you adjust resources as needed and create additional replication targets.

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Store your data in regulatory compliant data centers and encrypt your data to ensure security.