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Being Microsoft GOLD certified partner, Best Buy Software & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has an edge over the competition.

Microsoft, being the leader in software, has a wide range products and services for PCs and other digital gadgets. It offers Windows operating systems for servers and computers; Backoffice and SQL server applications; Developer tools for software development; and Microsoft office application program for business and personal usage apart from games and interactive media programs.

Microsoft Licensing
Microsoft has made volume licensing quite flexible by providing options to clients. The software licensing experts at Best Buy Software and Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will guide you to buy the agreement that will serve your needs. We will provide the licensing support to your business organization where by you get the maximum benefits for your IT licensing investment.

Keys to understanding Microsoft Volume Licensing

Following are several keys to understanding the important features of Microsoft Volume Licensing policies & programs; and to choose the best option for your company:

  • The size and kind of your business organization
  • The products that you want to license
  • The way of using those products

At the primary level, Microsoft Volume Licensing program frameworks deal with organizations in 2 major categories:

  • Organizations having more than 5 but less than 250 computers and
  • Organizations having more than 250 computers

For organizations having less than 250 computers, the Microsoft Open Programs provide volume discounts for a nominal up-front cost and are accessible broadly through a worldwide partner channel. They also proffer 3 purchasing license options for commercial businesses: Open License, Open Value and Open Value Subscription.

Open License is designed for clients who require a minimum first purchase of 5 software licenses. This plan is perfect if you opt to pay-as-you-go, a significant feature for a developing organization's changing business requirements.

Open Value is designed for organizations having 5 desktops computers and proffers the benefits of Software Assurance, simplified license management and yearly payment model. This program offers 3 options: company-wide, non-company-wide, and open Value Subscription.

Open Value Subscription is designed for clients in several regions who wish to subscribe rather than acquire Microsoft product licenses. This program provides the lowest up-front costs of the Open Programs giving the flexibility to cut down your total licensing costs in years when your desktop computer count declines.

For more details please feel free to contact our experts or visit http://www.microsoft.com/en-in/default.aspx