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Customers everywhere are facing one big challenge: security and management of vast data. We are all living in the information driven world where information is considered the lifeline of modern business and modern life. The amount of data we generate each year is increasingly substantially, where security and management becomes a challenging task. Customers are worried and looking out for ways for securing and managing data – from digital photos to critical business data.

Symantec is providing storage, security and systems management solutions to assist individual consumers, small business organizations, and largest global business organizations against threats and risks, thus managing information efficiently than any other company. They stress on eliminating threats to information, technology and processes that are independent of device, interaction, platform or location.

Symantec Licensing
Express Program
Symantec's Express Program is designed to for small and medium size organizations that look a simple way to buy license quantities sans the complexities involved in contracts. It eases the purchasing license quantities for use within the country of buying. It does not involve formal commitments and contracts, and buyers are eligible for discounts where the discounts grow with the size if every purchase made.

Available for all products
Incentives and discounts for total volume of each order
No constant financial commitment
No physical contract signing
Low minimum requirements

Rewards Program
Symantec's Rewards Program is designed for medium-sized to large business institutions and associates that require volume-purchasing incentives, streamlined procurement, predictable pricing, and de-centralized buying that forms under a common SAN (Symantec Agreement Number). This program also provides discounts/ incentives for aggregated buying volume across allotted affiliates and institutions, plus flexible procurement procedures to simplify purchasing in large, decentralized associations especially MNCs.

Available for all software products
Rewards buying volume and continuing relationship
Simple ordering procedure
Simple online enrollment
Online account management & tracking
Enables support and upholding service co-termination

For more details please feel free to contact our experts or visit http://www.symantec.com/en/in/products-solutions/