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Founded in 1998, VMware brings virtual machine technology to industry standard computers. The company delivered VMware Workstation, its first product, in 1999; and in 2001, it entered the server market launching VMware ESX Server and VMware GSX Server. VMware established itself as the leader in virtual infrastructure technology by bringing in a novel class of data center capabilities. Near about 4 million users and nore than 20,000 corporate clients of all kinds and all sizes use VMware products.

VPP Overview
The new accumulative VMware VPP (Volume Purchasing Program) provides additional, level-based discounts for VMware clients for 2 years.  It also provides online tools, which VMware clients and their certified associates can use for tracking and managing VPP discounts and memberships.

Key benefits

  • Receive monetary incentives on buying VMware software in volume with discounts on entitled license products
  • Accomplish budget certainty as discounts are guaranteed for a period of 2 years
  • Simplify acquisition of VMware software via standardized buying program

Key features

  • Accumulative Program where qualifying buying is aggregated over a rolling period of eight-quarter (in the form of ‘Points’)
  • Discount earned automatically depending on purchase volumes
  • User friendly online portals for membership registration and to track appropriate discounts
  • Worldwide reliable program rules, which allows discount sharing between clients and their associates

VPP discount levels

Level Point Range Discount
L1 250-599 4%
L2 600-99 6%
L3 1000-1749 9%
L4 1750+ 12%

Membership Enrollment
With the new and user friendly VMware VPP online registration portal, it has become simpler than ever before to be a VPP member. Log on to http://www.vmware.com/go/vpp-enroll for enrolling yourself as new member or as an associate of an existing VPP client. You will receive an email with your VPP membership no. and a link to online tools which will give your membership details including earned discounts and accumulated points. Provide your VPP membership no. at the time of placing your order for receiving VPP benefits.